Expenses Involved in Changing Your Heating System

accounting papers under heater knob and coins

It is already that time of the year once again! The weather is becoming much colder, the leaves are transitioning to their autumn colors, and the days are becoming noticeably shorter. This indicates that winter is on its way, which also indicates that you may need to replace your furnace in the near future. If […]

How to Stop Mold Growth in Your Heating & Air System

mold in between heater fans

Mold may be a significant concern and lead to health issues for those who are susceptible to it. This is something that the majority of people are aware of. But were you aware that mold may also develop in your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system? If not, then you should read this article on my […]

When Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

guy screwing air duct cover

The air ducts in your HVAC system function similarly to the arteries in a human body. Arteries in humans are responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients from the heart to the rest of the body’s tissues. In addition, air ducts are tubes that connect your home’s HVAC system to the various air vents around the […]

Why Does My Air Conditioner Keep Running All the Time?

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Imagine the heat outside as you make your way into your house on a warm day. The first thing you need to do is kick back on your couch and take in the refreshing breeze that your air conditioner is blowing through the house. On the other hand, you’ve noticed that something isn’t quite right […]

Importance of Refrigerants for Your AC Device & HVAC Systems

How AC Refrigerants Work | Oak Lawn HVAC Services

Your air conditioner’s operation is powered by an unseen force known as AC refrigerants. Your AC’s capacity to cool depends on it. As air passes through the compressor and evaporator, refrigerants absorb heat and produce cool air. Your HVAC system’s refrigerant level needs to be checked frequently as part of HVAC maintenance. Your cooling system […]

Should I Get a Window AC or a Portable AC?

Window AC vs Portable AC | Oak Lawn HVAC Services

You could buy the best home or rental property, but if it doesn’t have the suitable facilities, it won’t be worth much. Among the best things, you can put in your home is an air conditioner, also called an AC or air-con. If you are new to ACs and don’t know their benefits, you may […]

Thermostat 101: Why Does It Show a Blank Screen Sometimes?

Causes of Thermostat Blank Screen | Oak Lawn HVAC Services

Most of us spend only half to a third of the day at home; the remainder is spent either at work or traveling there. Usually, we have a thermostat in our homes that turns the heating on or off based on the time of day or the interior temperature.  But imagine getting home to find […]