South Side Escape Rooms

Since 2017, South Side Escape Room, which is situated in Oak Lawn near 95th and Cicero, has played home to more than 5,000 successful escapes. SSER is able to accommodate big groups and focuses on providing team-building activities thanks to its three distinct escape rooms. Help rescue the day by beating the clock and figuring out a sequence of riddles and hints if you have an hour to spare! A great post.


Escape Rooms are a kind of physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints, and strategy in order to achieve the goals that are presented to them in the game. players are provided with a predetermined time limit in order for them to discover the secret plot that is concealed within the rooms.

who is allowed to participate in our escape room games?


Their games are suitable for players of any age, however, those in the youngest age brackets may find them particularly tough. Those who are at least 15 years old are encouraged to take part in our games; however, we welcome players of any age. If you are planning to bring children who are younger than 12, please ensure that they will have someone to watch after them and help them navigate the room. Feel free to give us a call at any time if you have any concerns pertaining to the specifics of your group, and one of our owners would be happy to have a conversation with you about the demographics of your organization.


What Sets Our Escape Room Games Apart From Others

so, you’ve participated in escape rooms in the past…

But not in this manner. The puzzles in our games are challenging, and each one has a fascinating narrative. We promise that none of our rooms will involve searching for locks, but rather will test your abilities to find solutions to puzzles using a broad range of technologies and themes. The product of the combined efforts of a husband and wife power couple, we make it their personal mission to immerse you in a world that you were under the impression only existed on the silver screen.


We’ve taken the standard locked-room escape game and flipped it on its head. There are times when Kate Crimson isn’t the one wielding the ax in the kitchen at Black Oak Manor. This game may be played numerous times, each time revealing a fresh set of riddles, mysteries, and results, which is a ground-breaking new innovation!


The Invitation: You have just found out that you have been invited to a dinner party that will be held at the exclusive Black Oak Manor. You are required to show up to the event despite the fact that something about the invitation strikes you as odd.


The Storm, Volume 2, includes: Your gang has made its way to the illustrious Black Oak Manor in the hopes of finding refuge from one of the most severe storms in recorded history. Since the death of the estate’s owner, Mr. Self, the mansion has been kept under lock and key. It doesn’t take long for it to become abundantly evident that a member of your gang was the one who committed the crime. You must now make an effort to determine who among you was responsible for the murder, as well as the location of the crime and the weapon that was used…