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Should I Get a Window AC or a Portable AC?


You could buy the best home or rental property, but if it doesn’t have the suitable facilities, it won’t be worth much. Among the best things, you can put in your home is an air conditioner, also called an AC or air-con. If you are new to ACs and don’t know their benefits, you may wonder, “Should I get air conditioning?”

Air conditioning system is a simple way to make a house more comfortable for people there. It is a process that removes heat and moisture from the inside of a building, whether it is a home or a business. Air conditioning is also an excellent choice to remove humidity or cool down a room with heat-making electronics like power amplifiers or computer servers.

Pros of Air Conditioning Your Home

Because air conditioning has so many benefits, it has become so popular that the demand for a single unit grows yearly. It does not help that ACs can be installed practically anywhere without an enclosed space. As you continue your usage or search for the proper AC, here are some points you should know about your cooling machine:

Cleaner Air

Air conditioners help move the air around and clean it. Pollutants are also taken out of the air you breathe by these systems. This is important for everyone, especially those with allergies or asthma.

The irritants that cause these health problems can be cut down on with air conditioning. But you have to get the best air conditioner and keep it in good shape because a dirty AC can also make the air inside your home dirty.

Lesser Bugs

It would help if you didn’t let the cost of installing an air conditioner stop you from getting the best one for your home or school. The filters in our air conditioners help keep bugs out of our homes. A good air conditioner will keep bugs out and support people with allergies from getting new infections.

Prevents Dehydration

When the temperature is too high, you sweat a lot. When you sweat a lot, you lose a lot of water. Although the weather may be awry, it is still good to stay hydrated. If you are inside, like at home or school, you should keep the air conditioner running.

More Comfortable Sleep

Sleeping is essential for your health, but it can be hard to do so if the room is too hot or too cold. An AC unit that works well can help cool things down when it’s too hot. Your body will get used to the changes in temperature, and you will sleep well.

Increases Productivity

Working on a humid day can be mentally exhausting. When it’s too hot to work, our ability to think often worsens because our bodies use more energy to stay calm. When an office or classroom has air conditioning, people are better able to work, read, and even make decisions.

Kinds of Air Conditioners

During the summer, people often wonder if they should buy a portable AC unit or a window AC unit. Now that you know how helpful air conditioning can be let’s look at the two main types: portable air conditioners and window air conditioners.

Window AC

Window air conditioners are bigger than portable ones and must be in a window. Window ACs are advisable for people who want to cool their homes permanently. A concern with window air conditioners is that they aren’t always easy to set up. When they are in use, they can also get in your view.

On the other hand, a window unit doesn’t take up any space inside your home. This is appealing to some people who like the idea of having less stuff. Also, a window air conditioner uses less energy than a portable one. That means that each BTU gives you even more cooling power.

Pay attention to the BTU rating when you are looking at window units. The bigger the space the unit can cool, the higher that number. Like portable units, window units can come with features like digital thermostats, remote controls, and timers. All of these conveniences could also help you decide what to do.

It’s important to know that some window air conditioners can be put in through the wall, so you don’t even need a window space. For this kind of installation, you’ll need to buy a Through-the-Wall Window Air Conditioner with a kit that lets it fit in that space.

Portable AC

Small, portable air conditioners can be moved from room to room. These ACs can be plugged into any standard outlet and don’t need to be set up. Portable ACs are advisable for people who want to be able to move their unit around as necessary. Portable air conditioners can be noisy, which is not a good thing. Another problem is that they can make condensation, which means you will have to empty the water tank often.

The fact that it is easy to set up is one of the best things about a portable air conditioner. You will get a window kit with a small hole for an exhaust. This is so that the heat that has been taken out of your room’s air can leave.

Some homeowners’ associations don’t let people use window units because they hang outside of a window. Portable air conditioners don’t have parts that will stick out of your window, so they don’t break these rules.

It’s called portable for a reason, so mobility is a given, and you can move it around the house depending on where you are and what needs to be fixed. Unlike a window unit, which is installed and usually stays in one place, a portable unit can be moved from your bedroom to your study if you need to.

One more benefit of a portable air conditioner is that it can be set up in more ways. You can move it quickly from window to window to cool different rooms. Also, you can easily install a portable air conditioner through a door by using an extended installation kit.

You can also use a ceiling vent kit to set up a portable air conditioner to vent through the ceiling. It is very common to install a ceiling vent when putting in a portable air conditioner in a server room.

Which One Is Better?

Your decision will be primarily based on how much space you have and where you want to put the unit.

Many people already have a central air conditioning unit in their home or business. But because they have to cool an ample space that isn’t always occupied, these systems tend to cost more than they should. Either type of AC can help you save money on your energy bills because you can turn off your A/C and only cool one room at a time.

But know that you will not be required to replace your entire air system unit with a portable or window unit. Many people use these alternatives to add to their existing units already do. This is especially helpful if your air conditioner doesn’t cool your whole house evenly or if you want one room, like your bedroom, to be cooler at night than the others.

Plan things to get the most out of the money and time you spend on the AC unit. But if you need expert advice or the guidance of an experienced technician, you don’t have to look any further because Oak Lawn HVAC will be more than happy to help you! Call (708) 556-2336 or send us a quote at

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