Combat Chicago

Oak Lawn is home to the entertainment venue known as War Chicago, which is run by combat veterans. We pride ourselves on having the most exciting and realistic escape rooms and laser tag games in the Greater Chicagoland region. Our incredible intricacy, unique game flow, and creative designs make us distinct from other “corporately owned” facilities.


Tactical Laser Tag

Join forces with some of your closest pals and compete against one another in our one-of-a-kind, completely immersive arena. At Combat Chicago, you will find sets of a Hollywood caliber that span 10,000 square feet and are very detailed. You may play across urban and wooded settings, bunker down in a hospital, organize a siege on a barber shop, or hide out in any one of the countless scenarios that are spread out around the globe. A fantastic read >>>


Because a veteran of the Marine Corps was responsible for designing the layout of the arena, it faithfully recreates the hostile environment of a crowded battlefield.


You will have the chance to completely immerse yourself in the action thanks to the hyper-realistic tactical laser tag equipment that we provide. The most realistic simulation of actual gunfighting is possible because of the rumble-recoil and real-time reloading delay features that are included in our firearms.


Your experience in Combat Chicago is made even more realistic with the addition of individualized lighting, grips, and noises. The player’s unique experiences inside the game modify the way the equipment responds, creating each game a one-of-a-kind experience for the player.


No need for bulky laser tag vests here. The gameplay that they provide prioritizes your comfort and makes it possible for you to move about the arena with relative ease and freedom.


The Pinnacle of All Partying Attempts

It doesn’t matter whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or holiday…or if you’re simply searching for the finest team-building event for your office…Combat Chicago offers the highest quality of interactive entertainment available anywhere in the Greater Chicago Area.


Adult Parties

Do you have a get-together with friends and family coming up soon? No longer is laser tag a game reserved just for children.


Your party will feel like they are playing a live-action, very exhilarating video game thanks to Combat Chicago’s mission-based games, tactical equipment, and venue designed in the Hollywood manner. After that, you may unwind in a private party room or continue the fun with one of our numerous add-ons.


Fights at Children’s Parties Celebrations are available for children of all ages in Chicago. Kids are sure to have a fantastic time at their party if they have access to a private party room and if the activities include both laser tag and escape rooms.


It is ideal for celebrations such as birthdays, graduations, or any other event. In addition to this, we are able to provide an endless supply of “ammo” and greater target sizes.


Corporate Team Building Occasions and Activities

Are you searching for the perfect event to help establish a stronger team at your workplace? Reward your staff with an exciting day to Combat Chicago, where they may participate in activities such as escape rooms, ax throwing, and tactical laser tag. Team vs. Team. Department versus. Department. Management vs. Staff.

Organizing the get-together you’re having at the workplace has never been more enjoyable.