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Do you find that as the summer heats up, your air conditioner just can’t keep up? 

AC issues can leave you feeling hot and irritated and impact your daily routine and mood and frequently keep you from a good night’s sleep. 

It’s time to change all of that and get back to feeling cool again!

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Clogged & Dusty Filter

Dirt, dust and debris is a fact of life and will absolutely clog your filters, at some point. It’s very common and even more likely in areas which have more air pollution. Unaddressed, your air conditioning unit will have to work harder and result in faster wear and tear on mechanical parts. It may also result in total system failure. Dirt in Air Filters is also the cause of frozen coils which results in the build up of ice surrounding the coil.

Preventive Measure:

An easy way to evaluate if you need to change your air filters is to see if any light still passes through it. If there’s no light, then it’s definitely time to be cleaned. Change your air filters regularly as suggested by your manufacturer.

Problem With The Compressor

A Compressor is an essential part of an AC Unit and is responsible for the conversion of the liquid refrigerant into gas form. Not addressing this problem and fixing it immediately is a big deal because a compressor has moving parts and may be expensive to repair or replace. A costly replacement can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Preventive Measure:

Keep your AC well-oiled and clean it regularly. For the best prevention, plan a Maintenance Contract with us to make sure periodic minor problems are taken care of. We are qualified to assure your air conditioning unit has a longer lifespan.

Problem With The Fan

Operating the unit with a damaged fan can cause the compressor, the most expensive part of the system, to fail. There are two fans in an AC unit. One blows cool air into the space and the other blows the hot air outside. Damage to fans are usually caused by wear and tear on the belts, a problem with the motor, or too much debris in the AC unit itself.

Preventive Measure:

Check regularly to be sure that the area around the air intake vent is free of dirt. It’s also recommended that the system be checked seasonally and routine maintenance is performed by an HVAC professional service like Oak Lawn HVAC.

Problem With The Thermostat

Usually a thermostat malfunctions because it’s calibrated improperly or there is something wrong with its program. Frequently the thermostat program is simply set improperly. This is the simplest of fixes and can be done yourself by reading the manual.  But, if the problem still persists, the thermostat may need to be replaced or there is an electrical problem.

Preventive Measure:

Make sure the thermostat isn’t in strong direct sunlight as much as possible. Check and change the thermostat batteries on a regular basis.

Leaking or Low Refrigerant

Refrigerants are used by air conditioning units to absorbing hot air indoors and turning them into cooler air. A leak in the system is normal but does need to be addressed. Having leaks eventually makes your AC Unit low in refrigerant which dramatically reduces its effectiveness and efficiency – it then becomes more expensive to run.  An AC unit won’t be able to function well without enough refrigerant.

Preventive Measure:

Have your air conditioning unit inspected regularly and always make sure to maintain the proper level of refrigerant.

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