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At Oak Lawn HVAC of Oak Lawn, IL and the surrounding areas, we provide exceptional service for your heating and air conditioning systems. We install new air conditioning systems, install new furnaces, repair ac systems, repair furnaces, maintain HVAC systems, repair and if necessary, replace your current system.

Whether you’re looking for residential, commercial or industrial HVAC services, Oak Lawn HVAC  can hand the job, no matter the size. We are fully licensed and insured and our technicians are certified in the industry. They offer personalized service and we offer free estimates on all of your HVAC service needs including air conditioner repair, furnace repair, replacement and maintenance. Our number one priority is your comfort and satisfaction. It’s why we go above and beyond to do everything possible to maintain our top-rated customer service and quality reputation.

  • We value every client’s experience with us and we make it a point to leave them satisfied.
  • We’ve dedicated our company to helping households and businesses in the Oak Lawn IL area with solutions to their Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) problems.

The Solutions You Need At The Best Value

Whether it’s air conditioning and furnace repairs and installations or detailed maintenance services, we do it all!

Oak Lawn HVAC installs a variety of air conditioning sysrtems that will suit all of your cooling needs. We install or repair central AC systems, heat pumps, ductless mini split systems and more! If you’re looking for heating installation, maintenance and repair in the Oak Lawn, IL area, call today. We offer 24/7 emergency repairs as well as annual maintenance agreements to keep your system running smoothly.

If you’re ready to start to save energy and lower your utility bills, call the home energy experts today. We offer energy audits and installations on a variety of high-effeciency heating and cooling systems.

We also offer commercial and industrial services which include energy management and HVAC installations, replacements, maintenance and repairs.

No job is too complicated for our technicians and experienced team.

Oak Lawn HVAC Air conditioner licensed Air conditioning contractor in IL provide heating
and Air conditioning service: Installation, repair & maintenance for residential applications.

We are the experts in nstalling a wide range of high-efficiency Ductless and ducted Air conditioners and heat pump systems for residential applications.

Specialize in ductless ac We are an HVAC contractor service specialize in ductless Air conditioning installation repair and maintenance for both new and existing systems

All house zone by zone we installing high efficiency Air conditioners & heating system independent zones for entire house.

HVAC Services - CTA

We’re in your area and ready to help with all of your heating, cooling, repair, and duct cleaning needs!

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Air Conditioner Repair

Malfunctioning AC? We can help you! We’ll identify the problem and find the best and most solution for it.

Boiler Replacement

Boiler toils can wear out day after day after years of usage. We offer repairs and reinstallation.

Commercial HVAC System

Is your HVAC system lacking in heat or coolness? It may be time to consider professional help.

Heating Furnace Repair

Long winter nights can be miserable if your heating system isn’t working properly. Call us for repairs!

Maintenance Contracts

If your HVAC system quits on you, we’ll pick up the pace so your home or business can stay comfortable.

New AC System

Stay cool and comfortable with our premium air-conditioning systems and services.

Air Duct Cleaning

HVAC filters can get dirty over time. Have it cleaned so your air system can function better! 

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Improve the efficiency of your dryer and reduce the risks of fire in your home or business.

Commercial & Residential Duct Cleaning

We’re ready to clean the HVAC systems of both residential and commercial establishments!


We can all relate to having problems with our heating or cooling because it operates on a daily basis, so if it’s not functioning properly, we notice. Let’s summarize the problems.

Refrigerant Leaks

Fluid leaking from refrigerators is harmful to the environment and can be caused by poor installation, a factory defect, or inadequate maintenance.

Thermostat Malfunction

Is there enough hot or cold air in the room? Is the thermostat non-responsive by not starting the system or adjusting the temperature properly? If so, it may need replacing.

Air Imbalance

Different rooms can have varying temperatures often because dampers in the ducts are not adjusted properly. Sometimes the ductwork itself is the problem, blocking airflow in certain places.

Weird Noises

Unusual sounds coming from your HVAC system can be minor or may be dangerous. It might be just a belt that needs replacing but it might be something more serious. 

Dirty & Clogged Filters

Clogged filters can cause excess usage which causes overheating and can shorten the life of the motor.  Running a system with clogged filters will also cost more, sometimes significantly.



Oak Lawn HVAC Services & Repairs

Looking for qualified professionals and a trusted team when it comes to HVAC Services in Oak Lawn, Illinois? We can help you! Book an appointment today.


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Professional & Quality Results

We are fully licensed and insured and provide the highest quality service to our customers every single time. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

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Reliable & On-Time

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and promise to be there to support our customers! You can count on us to be there when we say we will.

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Competitive Pricing

We provide you with a detailed estimate of costs and discuss how you want to proceed and never charge an emergency fee.


We are a local business offering our customers the support they need when they need it. If water runs through it, too it, from it; Oak Lawn HVAC can service it, repair it, or replace it. We specialize in heating and cooling systems with years of experience. Your comfort is our guarantee! 

Whether you have central air, furnace, boiler, ductless mini-split or hydronic heating and cooling system, we have the technical expertise and experience to get the job done right the first time.  Our highly skilled team of professionals are trained to use industry-standard tools and the quality materials to service your equipment promptly and effectively.

We also provide top-quality maintenance programs to ensure trouble-free operations of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment for years to come.

If there’s anything else we can do to make your experience any better, please don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to earning your business.